Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Thank you for your comment. This goes to show that all of us "laypersons" need to educate ourselves better and not just "trust our doctors." They keep too many secrets for insurance companies and don't want to bother to go against them. The insurance industry largely sets the standard of care, but doctors CAN go beyond that standard if they choose to. I am so sorry for your experience and loss. Please help me educate other people about this matter in general. Thank you. Katherine


  1. hope you are doing well. have you researched 'thermograms', to be used instead of mammograms? some believe they are far superior to mamo,yet also cost effective for the masses-
    but the ''mammo/radiology industry'' in the usa is so huge/powerful, just too much $ at stake for them to change- that has been an issue for a long time. same mentality as big pharma when it comes to people vs profits. it does not behoove them to look into a better direction for testing, they have made huge $ investment in this one, inc mass propaganda that falsely scares/reassures women into believing that mammo is the gold standard. vast majority of women i know of w/bc had regular mammos that missed the bc, in some cases, even after they found the lumps and knew where to look. same kind of situation in all areas of medicine, we are led along a rocky path and supposed to be grateful at the end if we 'survive'. i had blood cancer detected by a routine cbc, that i insisted on w/annual physicals. most drs want to mainly test lipids every year to get you onto cholesterol meds, but the cbc is often passed over, when should be a basic level test for everyone. appreciate the info in your blog, i knew 'alot' before, but you had some new angles for me to learn. would be interested to hear details for the procedure for your first mri - also what your opinion would be on thermograms replacing mammograms. sincerely, c

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have heard of thermography and other people have mentioned it for breast cancer diagnosis. However, I think thermograms are often performed at non medical facilities, so that presents a problem of standards and trust from medical professionals.

      Also, if thermography does indicate extra heat in a particularly area, which can be a sign of cancer, you have to ask what would happen next. It could be a good, less-costly halfway measure that you could use to convince a doctor to order an MRI or PET scan (see above). However, I don't know if insurance would cover it. Perhaps it would be good for all of us to push for at least that much. I think you would still need to have an MRI scan and biopsy for proof. We all need to join this discussion for our own benefit.

      I also agree that a complete blood count should be part of a checkup at least once per year for everybody. As you found out, the blood stream carries and indicates what you can't find out any other way. I hope you are doing well now.

    2. Yes to thermography. I get it done annually mainly as a health discovery tool to see where I may need to address more preventive Self Care.

      It takes 10-30 years for cancer to develop into a small bean size; more aggressive in women under 45. Malignant tumors require a blood supply--new blood vessels emit a higher heat pattern than surrounding tissue, often with the vessels looking like tentacles to the tumor. Superior thermal imaging cameras can see these patterns (there are some cheap, low resolution ones being sold and used under the umbrella of thermal cameras--resolution matters, as does the interpretating doctor--Public Beware) before a tumor matures into a small bean size. Mammograms cannot detect this early, until the anatomical tumor is present--this means considerably later detection, and more severe reactive medical intervention when detected.

      Thermal imaging is NOT diagnostic. FDA approved it in 1982 as an adjunctive breast screening tool to mammograms. It is not covered by insurance.
      But it can scan the whole body ($550) seeing where inflammation, infection, trigger points, vascular occlusion, nerve conduction issues, and more, without radiation, pain or body contact.

      I am happy to have an early look of my health (Well Woman, head to pelvis) and have peace of mind for $375. No other imaging technology compares for $375.

      I speak as a trained medical thermographer and member of The gold standard in thermal imaging. Only top quality FLIR thermal cameras, reporting by medical doctors, and only health care providers allowed to be trained by them. Please see their website.

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  4. Thank you. I don't know what happened with the most recent comment of 3/12/15. Removed by author must mean the person who wrote it thought better of it and removed it after writing it. I did not remove it and she is welcome to leave it again.


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